Best Catfish Lures 2021/2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Catfish Lures

Cut bait and live alternatives like shad are always good choices for catfish bait, but you may be amazed how effectively artificial lures perform if you understand how to use them.

Continue with conventional baits if you want to catch a lot of catfish or capture a trophy catfish. However, if you’re searching for a new adventure on the water, catfishing with lures is a must-try. 

Even though catfish may detect smells and vibrations in mud and water, fishing with lures increases your chances of catching catfish when you fish in clean water. 

1. Our Top Pick: TRUSCEND Fishing Lures  
2. Best OverallCatfish Rattling Line Float Lure (Clear Unpainted Blank) 
3. Best Value: Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure (Green Sunfish, Purple Shiner) 

Clearwater fishing allows you to use a larger variety of lures since catfish in clear lakes and rivers strike at food first with their eyes before using their other senses. Your best hope is to appeal to many senses by employing lures that appeal to catfish not just through sight but also through smell or sound. 

Catfish lures that are either fragrant or contain sound and vibration elements are the finest. To get the attention of the catfish, you could use simple lures like soft plastics, jigs, or spinners and spice them up as necessary. 

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These types of lures for catfish are: 

Noise/Vibrating Lures 

Catfish have a high sense of hearing rattling and vibrating noises in the water that resemble prey. Rattle crankbaits are effective since they provide a target for voracious catfish. 

Scented Lures 

Catfish are drawn to odors because they have smell receptors all throughout their body. Aromatic lures effectively work since they resemble real bait, release a fragrance in the water, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. A simple lure, such as a gummy worm coated in stink bait, could also be scented. 

Essential Things to Take into Account 

Before you know the best catfish lures, it is vital to keep in mind certain important points about these fishing items. 

Scent Products are Used to Imbue the Best Lures 

Catfish have exceptional smell and taste senses. These fish have specific olfactory receptors that can detect minuscule quantities of protein in the water, and taste receptors span the entire body, from whiskers to tail.

It stands to reason that lures with impregnated scent components will catch these whiskered devouring machines far better than basic lures. 

Lures with Rattles and Vibrations are More Efficient than Plain Artificial Lures 

Anglers frequently capture catfish when throwing lures for walleyes and bass, and the lures they use range from crankbaits and jigs to plastic spoons and worms. If you’re directly targeting catfish with lures, you’ll have a better chance of capturing them if the lures are designed to vibrate and rattle. 

Even in dirty water, catfish have unique hearing organs that identify rustling vibrations. Vibrations from prey animals are picked up by the sensitive lateral lines. A surrounding catfish is much more likely to hit when these receptors are aroused by a lure you’re dragging through the water. 

Clear Waters are More Likely to Produce Lure Strikes. 

Many people assume that because the catfish’s eyes are small, they don’t have good eyesight. However, that isn’t the case. Catfish that live in waters with little turbulence rely on their keen vision to help them spot prey. 

When fishing in a clean lake or river, this offers the fisherman an opportunity. Lures need to activate other instincts until they work in muddy or discolored water. Catfish, on the other hand, can see lures in translucent water and will strike practically anything that looks edible. 

Aromatic lures that rattle or vibrate continue to be the most effective since they activate many senses, making them easier to identify by catfish. In clear waters, though, a catfish may attack based solely on sight, enabling the fisher to test a wider range of artificial lures. 

Fishing like a Bass Fisherman Can Help You Catch More Catfish 

You may occasionally capture a catfish by casting bait at random. However, if you really want to increase your chances of success, you must fish like a bass fisherman, casting to particular cover and structural features that fish enjoy. 

This could be a downed tree on a river curve where a flathead is expected to be hidden to ambush food or a deep stream channel used by blue and channel catfish feeding on shad as a path of travel. Learn what sorts of cover and structure catfish prefer, and then target those locations with your casts to increase your chances of success. 

Real Catfish Lures Should Not Be Overlooked 

Some companies create plastic lures specifically designed to be used with soft stink baits. They don’t operate the same way as walleye or bass lures, but they perform well. These aren’t meant to be thrown and recovered multiple times in a short amount of time. 

In reality, if you do that, you’ll most likely lose the catfish bait that keeps them alive. Rather, you could cover the lure with sticky dip bait or fill it with squeeze tube bait, then throw it to a suitable location and wait for a strike. 

The Best Lures That Will Help You Catch Catfish 

Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure (Green Sunfish, Blue Crappie, Purple Shiner) 

These lures appeal to 4 senses: instinct, hearing, vision, and smell. Scientifically, it has been proven that catfish respond to many stimuli in addition to odor. With these lures, it will be much easier for you to attract these fish. 

This product comes in a pack of 3 lures which include Blue Crappie, Purple Shiner and Green Sunfish for catfish rigs. These lures have 3 different clamping points to mount them, either inline or at an angle. That will allow these floats to be used in different types of water as well as a wide variety of catfish rigs. 

These vibrant line floats feature the Dragon Demon Sumo style and is constructed of high-quality materials to be used professionally. Therefore, you will not have to worry at any time that they will break or that the paint will be damaged. In addition, they will withstand the pressure of the larger catfish. 


  • They are made to cover 4 senses. 
  • They are made of quality products. 
  • These lures have an attractive design. 
  • They come in a 3-pack that includes Blue Crappie, Purple Shiner, and Green Sunfish rattling line floats. 
  • They are resistant. 


  • They must be installed correctly on the catfish rig and used properly to prevent them from falling or getting water into them, affecting the sound they produce. 

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures 

They have an 8-segment multi-jointed structure, and when they plunge into the water, the swimming position is aggressive, provoking the large catfish to strike. In addition, these lures are built to look like real fish, which increases the effectiveness when it comes to attracting catfish. 

These lures are designed not only for catfish of all kinds but also work well for other types of fish such as bass, walleye, pike, salmon, trout, snakehead fish, etc.  

This vibe lure is made of high-quality ABS plastic and comes with a built-in rattling. It can continually generate a sound fish wave while swimming to stimulate the eating urge of the catfish and incite them to strike. 

One of the most positive aspects about this product is that it has a 1-year guarantee, so if you are not satisfied during that time, you can make use of the warranty. 


  • They come with eight segments with multiple joints. 
  • The design is spectacular. 
  • You can catch different types of fish with these lures apart from catfish. 
  • It has a built-in rattle. 
  • 12-month warranty. 


  • They must be installed correctly on a catfish rig as many people have indicated that they are lures that do not swim well. 

Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure (Clear Unpainted Blank) 

The particularity of these lures is that they require painting or sealing. Without the proper painting or sealing job, they are likely to leak.  

This product comes in a pack that includes 5 clear, unpainted blank rattling line floats for catfish rigs. These lures come with three separate clamping points that can be used to mount them in line or at an angle. That will allow these floats to be utilized in a variety of water conditions and with a wide range of catfish rigs. 

The senses of instinct, hearing, vision, and smell are all stimulated by these lures. In addition to scent, catfish have been scientifically demonstrated to respond to a variety of stimuli. It will be much effective to attract these fish with these lures. 

These vibrant lures are made of high-quality materials and are intended for professional use. As a result, you will never have to worry about them breaking. They will also be able to tolerate the pressure of the bigger catfish. 


  • They are made of high-quality materials. 
  • They are designed to attract using four senses. 
  • You can customize its design. 
  • They are resistant. 
  • They come in a pack that includes clear unpainted blank rattling line floats. 


  • They could fill with water if not properly sealed. 
  • It is not painted, but that gives you the opportunity to personalize it. 

OriGlam Luminous Shrimp Lure Set

The main feature of these lures is lightness. These luminous shrimp lures are excellent for catching catfish and other fish at night or in low-light areas. They are made of high-quality silicone, which makes them more durable and soft. In addition, it should be noted that they tend to have a movement that resembles a real swim, so the catfish will be attracted more easily. 

The design of these lures is so sophisticated and realistic that they look like real shrimp. They are easy to use since we will only need to connect and hook the fishing line. These lures are not only great for catching catfish but also a wide variety of fish such as whiting, trout, bass, Mandarin fish, snakehead, kingfish, jewfish, flounder, snapper, and perch. 


  • They are excellent for catching many types of fish. 
  • These luminous shrimp lures come in a pack of 5 pcs. 
  • They are luminous, which facilitates fishing at night. 
  • They are durable products due to their high-quality materials. 
  • These lures have a realistic design. 


  • They have a strong chemical smell. 

GuassLee Plastic Shrimp Fishing Lures 

These lures come in a pack of 10 pcs. They present 5 colors distributed every 2 units. Their realistic shrimp-shaped design makes them great for catching the attention of catfish and other fish. They have a fluorescent material incorporated inside, which makes them very useful during night fishing. 

These shrimp fishing lures are very soft and durable as they are made from high-quality silicone material. Therefore, they are not easy to break, and you can use them several times without having to buy another pack after each fishing session. 

It should be noted that each of these lures comes with a very sharp hook which allows catching different types of fish efficiently. Some excellent fish for this product are catfish, perch, redfish, Mandarin fish, snakehead fish, bass, snapper, etc. 


  • They come in a pack of 10 units. 
  • They are not only great for catching catfish but other types of fish as well. 
  • They are good for night fishing due to the fluorescent material inside. 
  • These lures come with sturdy rings that provide a stronger bearing capacity. 
  • They are durable and resistant. 


  • They may not be useful for all sizes of catfish. 
  • The mobility of the lure could be better. 

Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure (Threadfin Shad) 

Instinct, smell, vision, and hearing are all stimulated by these lures. Catfish respond to a variety of stimuli other than the smell, according to scientific evidence. It will be much easier to attract these fish if you use these lures. 

The Dragon Demon Sumo style is featured on these bright-line floats, which are made of professional-grade materials. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about them breaking or causing harm to the paint. They will also be able to endure the larger catfish’s pressure. 

Three threadfin shad minnow rattling line floats for catfish rigs are included in this package. These lures come with three separate clamping points that can be used to mount them straight or at an angle. These floats will be able to be utilized in a number of water conditions and with a variety of catfish rigs as a result of this. 


  • They are designed to appeal to all four senses. 
  • They have a beautiful look. 
  • They are made of high-quality materials. 
  • They can withstand a lot. 
  • Three threadfin shad minnow rattling line floats are included with the package. 


  • They have no hooks. 
  • They should be properly put on the catfish rig and utilized to avoid falling or getting water inside them, which would damage the sound they generate. 

Best Catfish Lures FAQ 

Do Catfish Like Lures? 

Obviously, catfish would not love lures if they knew that these items were used to catch them. However, as they are unaware of this fact, then the answer is yes. It should be noted that these fish will not be attracted to any lure.

Catfish lures with scented parts, or vibrating/noise-making elements are the best. To attract these fish, start with simple lures like jigs, spinners, or soft plastics and add color as needed. 

What Color of Lures Attract Catfish the Most? 

Catfish are bottom feeders that are drawn to food mainly visually. They prefer bright hues like orange and red. During nights, lures with built-in lighting will be a great advantage. 

Is There a Limit to How Far a Catfish Can Smell a Lure? 

Catfish can detect the lure from a long distance. Catfish could smell the lure and have been reported to use their keen sense of smell up to 4.5 meters away from the object of their desire. It should be noted that this will also depend on how strong the smell is impregnated in the lure that you have purchased. 

Will Catfish Be Attracted to Topwater Lures? 

Like a monster slamming a topwater hook, cats strike topwater lures fast and hard. You’ll be experiencing a rod-bending fight within seconds of every cast, and seeing the moment unfold makes it all the more memorable. 

Are Moving Lures Better than Static Ones? 

Of course! Catfish are like barn cats. That means they like to chase and catch things that move. There are many types of lures with interesting technologies that generate mobility very similar to that of certain fish or shrimp. When a catfish sees a bait moving like that, it will not hesitate to fall into the trap. The opposite will happen with static lures.