Best Stink Bait for Catfish 2021/2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Stink Bait for Catfish

While flathead and blue catfish like fresh bait, channel cats go crazy over stink baits. Nothing attracts these bottom feeders like a good dose of stinky bait.

However, that does not mean that flathead and blue catfish are not attracted to this type of bait as these fish love strong, stinky odors after all. 

When fishing for any species, including catfish, the bait is one of the most significant elements. The texture, size, style, color, and general appearance of bait are all important things to consider while catching a catfish.

1. Our Top Pick: CJ’s Catfish Punch Bait  
2. Best OverallTeam Catfish SI12 Sudden Impact Bait 
3. Best Value: Catfish Charlie Dip Bait 

This is due to the fact that each fish is distinct and catching or trout bass is not the same as catching catfish. For example, some bait odors may entice more catfish than other fish and vice versa. 

Although lures are widely used and can be very effective, nothing is stronger than the natural stinky odor emitted by a mixture of favorite catfish ingredients. 

Not all stink baits are effective. Some emit less strong odors than others, while others are made from ingredients that are unappealing to these fish. Also, colors are important as catfish not only fixate on bait because of its smell but also because of its appearance. 

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CJ’s Catfish Punch Bait 

Some fishermen manufacture their own punch baits using family recipes passed down through the generation. Others choose to buy professionally produced package quantities. Punch baits, whether homemade or purchased, are sticky mixtures with a foul stench that catfish adore.  

Even though all punch baits have a nasty odor, it isn’t enough to draw catfish to a bait tub. A cheese base or some form of protein component is required for punch bait. In this example, the bait is made of shad, wild hoppers, minnows, or crawdads. 

The constancy of the bait is crucial. Punch bait should be soft enough to break apart gradually but not too easily. This punch bait provides a lot of balance while fishing in a stream, which is where it shines. 

When we’re fishing in a stream, punch baits work much better because the flowing water transports bait pieces downstream as the bait breaks, forming a chum line that leads to the hook.

In areas with a lot of current flow, such as rivers reservoirs, they regularly out-produce other baits. Additionally, these punch baits are a great choice for lake catfish fishing. 

Punch baits have a hard time staying on hooks by themselves. There isn’t anything concrete to hold on to. Instead, anglers buy “worms,” which are usually rubber worms or perforated tubes that look like ringworms. They’re all made to hold the bait for a short time before gradually releasing it. 

In the middle of the heat, it’s best to keep these punch baits in the shade. It’s more difficult to keep them on the hook in warmer weather since most of them thin out. Some firms provide chemical thickeners to help thicken these baits and keep them from being too thin on warm days. 


  • This punch bait will entice catfish. 
  • This type of bait is really effective when it comes to catching a catfish in a short amount of time. 
  • Shad, crawdads, minnows, and a number of other species can be used to make it. 


  • This bait should be used with caution due to its strong odor. It’s probable that not every angler’s nose is strong enough to withstand it. 

Catfish Charlie Dough Bait 

Dough baits have been used to catch sunfish, panfish, and catfish for years. Soft white bread is shaped into marble-sized balls and immersed in a fragrant liquid such as bacon grease or sardine juice in traditional dough baits. 

Type-A Original, Type-B, Blood Pole Cracker, and Full Stringer are the four tubs included in this offering. It’s best to use dough bait hooks, treble hooks, or spring hooks with this bait. 

This product was created to be an attractive bait for a variety of fish, but it works best for catfish. If you don’t believe this bait will work, you could make it more interesting by adding other ingredients before putting it on the hook. 


  • This bait can be used with a variety of hooks. 
  • There are four 14-ounce tubs, each of them of a different variety, which you can use according to your needs while catching a catfish. 
  • It’s long-lasting, especially when frozen. 


  • The Pole Cracker and Full Stringer outperform the Type-A Original and Type-B Blood, respectively. 

Catfish Charlie Dip Bait 

Dip bait is a common and effective method of catching catfish. It allows you to swiftly deliver these fish long-lasting, strong-smelling catfish bait without having to deal with a lot of stink bait. Dip bait is frequently used by fishermen who wish to catch a large number of catfish quickly. 

Dip bait is semi-soft bait created from ingredients that are believed to attract catfish (cheese, blood, garlic, etc.). In the United States, this brand (Catfish Charlie) is arguably the most popular dip bait. Other national companies, such as Magic, make dip baits as well. 

Unlike dough bait, this dip bait isn’t usually substantial enough to mold onto a hook. Furthermore, this product has a strong odor, which is ideal for catfish fishing. For that reason, you should be cautious if you don’t want your hands to stink. Wear gloves to prevent the bad smell of this bait from sticking to your skin. 

This dip bait comes in a 0.34 kg tub. The lower part of the container lid is sealed to prevent a bad smell from coming out. One of the advantages of this bait is that it is durable.

That’s because it is made of cheese, and you don’t have to worry about it going rotten as the more rotten it stinks, the more likely you are to attract catfish. In fact, it could continue to work for up to 3 years. 

Being dip bait, it is expected that it does not stay on the hook, especially if you do not have a suitable hook or the currents of the waters where you are fishing are very strong. The most advisable thing is that you use a special hook that keeps the bait as long as possible. 


  • It comes in a 0.34 kg container which is enough for several fishing trips or, failing that, to attract many catfish. 
  • This product is durable. 
  • The smell of this bait is stinky thanks to the fact that it is made from various ingredients that catfish love, mainly cheese. 
  • It is good to use for treble hooks. 


  • It doesn’t stay on the hook for a long time. 

Team Catfish SI12 Sudden Impact Bait 

This product consists of fiber-enriched catfish bait. It comes in a 0.34 kg container which is enough for several fishing trips. The Team Catfish Bait is incredibly simple to hook. Simply place the bait in the hook and draw it out. You can use a # 6 treble hook which is usually more effective with this type of bait. 

With this bait, you will increase your catch rate. Despite being an inexpensive product, it is made from ingredients powerful enough to attract various types of catfish

It should be noted that although this bait can be used in rivers, it is best to use it in lakes since the water currents are not strong enough to remove the bait from the hook. It is one of the most effective baits you can find on the market. 


  • It is very effective in lakes. 
  • It comes in a 0.34 kg jar which is enough to catch several catfish. 
  • It is simple to hook. 


  • It is not the best option for rivers due to the strong currents. 

Magic Chicken Livers 

Chicken liver is definitely one of the most closely associated baits for catfishing. Because livers attract a high number of catfish, they are used a lot to catch these fish. Chicken livers have a strong, meaty odor that attracts catfish from all over. These fish have a difficult time rejecting the bait once they discover it. 

The liver is not known to attract large catfish. Chicken livers, on the other hand, are ideal for channel catfish under 10 lbs. They’re also cheap and easy to find in any supermarket or grocery. 

The fact that chicken livers are difficult to maintain on the hook at first is one disadvantage of using them as bait. Once they’ve been in the water for a few minutes, they solidify. If you’re not careful, you can end up flinging this bait well beyond the range of your hook. 

Using treble hooks and little quantities of bait is one of the most effective ways to keep these portions hooked. The bait might be hooked in a number of ways, and the treble hooks’ curves let us maintain it in place. After that, instead of fast-action snapping throws, you’ll only need to conduct lob casts. 

The first 20 minutes after connecting are also the greatest for Livers. They lose a lot of their liquids as well as their beauty with time. Fishermen should re-bait rigs and resume with a fresh piece of the chicken liver when moving to a new site. 

Where channel or blue catfish are the main attraction and the flow of current isn’t too strong, chicken livers perform well. Strong currents, such as those found in dam tailraces, frequently rip livers from hooks before the fish can locate and consume the bait. 

For ponds, rivers, lakes, and other small-water environments, one split shot, and two in several cases, is typically all you really need to add to the line. Additional weight is usually required in larger rivers or lakes. 


  • They are excellent for catching blue and channel catfish. 
  • It’s an excellent option in these instances since the blood from the livers attracts the fish. 
  • This product is perfect for first-time fishers. 


  • This bait may not be successful on all types of catfish due to its strong odor. 


Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait 

Because channel catfish have a keen sense of smell and taste, this bait was created specifically for them. The powerful and quickly dissipating aroma effectively attracts catfish, allowing you to reach your limit quickly. 

This product is available in blood and cheese flavors. The container in which this bait comes is special not only to not let the smell escape but also to keep it durable. In fact, it does not require refrigeration. 

The consistency of this dip bait is really sticky. It adheres effectively to sponges and worms. It is suitable for usage in all types of water. 

Natural and biodegradable substances are used to create this bait. There are no hazardous substances in this product. It is suitable for both amateur and professional fishermen. 


  • You can quickly attract the amount of catfish you want. 
  • The container is manufactured to keep this bait in good condition. You do not have to worry as this product will last a long time and it is not necessary to refrigerate it. 
  • It can come in 2 flavors: cheese and blood. 


  • Although it may be good for catching any catfish, it is specifically made to attract channel catfish.

Best Stink Bait for Catfish FAQ 

Is Stink Bait Good for Catfish? 

The scent is the secret component in all good catfish baits. Catfish have a considerably greater sense of smell than many other fish species. Chemicals in the water are detected by extremely sensitive membranes inside these fish’s nostrils. The stronger the fish’s sense of smell, the more folds these membranes have. 

What are the Ingredients of Stink Bait? 

The ingredients in stink bait vary a lot, but there are some that we can see more frequently in most products over and over again.

Most cheese-based dips, sponges, and punch baits have fillers added to create them thicker or thinner. Dough baits are made with wheat or flour as a basis and then scented with blood, cheese, garlic, baitfish, or other substances. 


Most dip, punch, and sponge baits contain cheese as the major ingredient. A batch takes a very long time to complete, often weeks and months, and the procedure is very unpleasant.

Unlike dough baits, which have a lot of flour, the majority of cheese-based bait is formed of a fish-friendly substance. Cheese is delicious on its own and, after several months of preparation, it just grows better. 


Another typical stink bait ingredient is blood. Fishermen have tried numerous types over the years, but it mainly comes from pork, beef, or chicken. Blood is normally used as an additive rather than a base; however, it is occasionally utilized as the main ingredient. 


Garlic has long been a favorite catfish attractant due to its pungent fragrance. It’s simple to make, quick to add, and doesn’t take long to prepare. 


Baitfish is one of the most effective elements for any stink bait. Catfish, like people, have distinct tastes, and baitfish are always present. To attract fish to a specific body of water, home bait makers may add shad, perch, suckers, minnows, alewives, or herring harvested from that body of water. 

Is It True That Blue Catfish Will Eat Stink Bait? 

Although prepared “stink” baits may attract blue catfish, most experienced fishermen will not use them because cut baits would outperform these created baits for catching blues. However, they can be successful with the appropriate approach and method. 

Is There a Limit to How Far a Catfish Can Detect Food? 

Catfish can detect the bait from a long distance. Catfish, in fact, could smell the food and have been known to use their keen sense of smell to detect it up to 15 feet away, and in some cases even further. 

Is Cheese Effective Catfish Bait? 

Yes, but not all cheeses are suitable for catfish bait. If you’re going to use cheese to make catfish bait, you should invest in a good quality cheese. It is not a good idea to use cheese products such as nacho cheese, cheese slices, and canned cheese. 

Where to Buy Stink Bait for? 

It all depends on what kind of catfishing bait you want to buy. Stink baits such as dough baits and punch baits are available at sporting goods stores and online. Your local grocery store also could be a good option to buy these baits. 

What Is the Average Life Expectancy of Catfish Baits? 

Most bait can indefinitely survive if stored frozen, as this is a wonderful technique to keep them fresh for a long period. It’s also worth noting that baits in containers tend to live longer. Fortunately, most stink baits come in containers and are generally made to last up to 3 years.