How Big Can Catfish Get? 

How Big Can Catfish Get

Catfish are known for their incredible whiskers throughout the world. It is a large-scale fish that may be found in …

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Can Catfish Sting You? 

Can Catfish Sting You

There are a lot of misconceptions concerning this subject. While many individuals believe that catfish sting, many others disagree. Catfish, …

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Do Catfish Have Scales?

do catfish have scales

Catfish are named for the barbels that resemble the whiskers of a cat. They can have up to four pairs …

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Types of Fishing Rods

types of fishing rods

​​Walk into any tackle or bait store and you may well be overwhelmed by all of the different types of …

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Do Catfish Have Teeth?

Do catfish have teeth

​If you have ever caught a catfish and taken a look into their mouth you might be surprised to find …

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