Best Spincast Reel for Catfish 2021/2024 – Buyer’s Guide 

Best Spincast Reel for Catfish

Spincaster reels are the easiest to operate, making them ideal for testing water. Spincast reels are a mix between baitcasting and spinning reels, and they’re a terrific budget-friendly choice for new fishers or kids. A lever on spincaster reels enables you to switch between locked and free-spool modes. 

These are reels with a closed front and a spool that keeps the line in an enclosed casing. Plastic covers are used in the majority of cases to protect the spool, but metal ones are also used in some situations. The spool of a spincast reel remains perpendicular to the rod axis, similar to that of a spinning reel

1. Our Top Pick: Pflueger PRES10SCB President Spincast Fishing Reel  
2. Best OverallKastKing Brutus Spincast Fishing Reel 
3. Best Value: Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel 

This guide will show you how to pick the ideal spincast reel for you, one that will help you to maximize the effectiveness of your favorite techniques while remaining within your budget. Each model is manufactured by a reputable company and can be utilized for catfishing or other freshwater fishing. 

These choices were made based on previous experience and considerable research, enabling us to present a totally objective, high-quality analysis so you can choose the spinning reel that best suits your needs. 

Before you know the best spincast reels, it is important that you know how they work (in case you are a newbie) to choose the best one. 

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How Do They Work? 

Spincasting reels are very comparable to spinning reels in terms of operation. The line remains on the spool of the reel’s spinning cap. When casting, a lever is used to tighten the line and regulate the length of the cast. The entire line is kept protected inside the reel by a cover, which distinguishes it from a regular spinning reel. 

After the cast, a lateral pin can be used to secure the reel. The pin lowers back into the cap when you hit the push button, and a locking mechanism activates, keeping the line in position. The locking mechanism releases the line when you press the button, enabling it to unroll from the spool and move freely around the cap. 

The pin comes out to catch the line when you turn the reel grip. The line on the spool is rewound as the cap rotates around it. As it performs a quick spin to go around the cap, the line rubs on the eye of the cover of the reel and then rubs on the pickup pin and rotating cap as it returns to the spool. 

The pin will occasionally not catch the line if it is not drawn tight coming out of the reel. As you begin to get unbalanced, it’s preferable to grip the reel so that your trigger finger and thumb can squeeze the line and pull it tight. 

Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel 

The Zebco 33 is one of the most intriguing reels of this brand. It’s comprised of a mix of high-quality and metal plastic, making it ideal for those looking for a lightweight spincasting reel. The exterior layer’s brushed metal surface feels great in hand, and the general features are high-end. 

The gear ratio is outstanding, and you may call it the greatest spincast reel for catfish because of it. When it comes to size, this is one of the smallest options available. If you’re looking for a reel for a teenager or a beginner, this one, combined with the trigger spin reel type, is a good choice. 

The anti-reverse system is another feature that fishermen appreciate about this spincast reel. This system is activated via a switch located at the bottom of the reel. When battling a large fish like catfish, trout, or crappie, it will be useful. 

Because there are few moving parts in the total package, it is much more robust and reliable for lengthy runs. If you’re not having a trophy hunt, you can also utilize this product with a fly rod. The performance will not usually match that of a fly reel, but it will suffice. 

Right in front of the reel, you’ll discover the knob for adjusting the drag and the release button. A toggle on the side activates and deactivates the bite indication, which is useful for efficiently regulating the line. It also performs well when fishing thanks to the 3.6:1 gear ratio and fast anti-reverse bearing. 

Both left-handed and right-handed fishermen may use this well because the grips can be reversed. The general quality of this product makes it suitable for a variety of catfish, bluegill, trout, and other species. 


  • The frame is made of graphite and will endure a long time. 
  • The Zebco 33 genuine spincast reel is more user-friendly than traditional reels. 
  • When it comes to large fish performance, it has a huge impact. 
  • When compared to the high build quality, this catfish reel is light. 
  • Setting up this spincasting reel on a fishing pole is simple. 
  • It is excellent for children. 


Pflueger PRES10SCB President Spincast Fishing Reel 

A high-performance sports spincast fishing reel must look be and works this. It’s sturdy, tight, and has the weight to handle the best catfish and bass catches. The modern design of the blue and black architecture is striking. They used aluminum for the metal components because it is very lightweight compared to others. 

The functioning is silky smooth, with none of the faults that plague low-cost spincast reels. The gears have been built with the most effective workflow in mind. You could always feel what’s happening inside the gears when you use it with the light-weighted monofilament line. When you hold it in your hand, the five gears system is smooth. 

The bearing elements are made of stainless steel and include a quick anti-reverse mechanism. Internally, a titanium covering keeps it going smoothly for decades. The grip has a low profile, which helps to keep the size and weight under control. However, this low-profile handle could be inconvenient at times. 


  • It is as powerful as some baitcaster reels
  • It has an anti-reverse system that works instantly. 
  • At a reasonable price, it is a high-quality, precisely built reel. 
  • With all the smooth gear mechanics inside, it’s quite easy to use and feels wonderful. 
  • Both left and right hands are possible with this low-profile handlebar. 


  • This reel is not characterized by providing the best comfort. 
  • For greater grip and control, the handle has a low profile. 

Zebco 33 Gold Spincast Fishing Reel 

This is another Zebco spincast reel that most professionals suggest as one of the best underspin reels. That is similar to the other 33 ball bearings we’ve mentioned, but the primary difference is that it’s designed for novices. 

The most amazing feature of this reel is that it is composed of graphite but weighs very little. With the pole connected, you could easily carry it. You can easily bring it in your bag due to its weight and size. 

The drag adjustment wheel is quite attractive, and it’s also very exact when it comes to fine-tuning the drag to your preferences. The auto-reverse clutch is reliable and doesn’t require any adjustments or supervision over the reel’s components. 

The clutch mechanism, as well as the bearing, operates smoothly and accurately. There are 2 clutch gears inside, according to the spec sheet of the product, which you could sense while pulling the catfish to the shore. 


  • It is easy to use. 
  • It comes in 2 sizes, with the micro size being ideal for children and toddlers. 
  • The dual-bearing anti-reverse clutch system is excellent. 
  • It is light in comparison to the metal element utilized in the construction. 


  • There have been several complaints about the reels’ durability. 

KastKing Brutus Spincast Fishing Reel 

The line grab system is at the heart of any good Spincasting Fishing Reel. The KastKing Brutus Spincaster reel is equipped with a stainless-steel Dual Pickup mechanism that rapidly grabs the slackline. In that way, you could set the hook or simply perform a different cast. 

KastKing Brutus Spincast Fishing reels have a 4.0:1 gear ratio, which allows them to grab line quicker and save time between throws. More significantly, you catch up rapidly with fish that could make a clear rush at the fisherman, reducing slack in your line and increasing your catch probability. 

This product, unlike many other spincasting reels, has an incredible aluminum, double paddle handle with sturdy rubber grips that could be rapidly and effortlessly switched from left-hand to right-hand retrieve by completely eliminating the handle retainer cap and starting to move the handle to the contrary direction of the reel. 

With Five stainless-steel, dual protected ball bearings, Brutus Spincast Reels are the cleanest bullet reel currently available. 

Furthermore, compared to competitor push button reels, the KastKing Brutus Spincaster style spinning reel has 33 percent greater fishing capacity of the line, allowing you to perform longer throws, catch more fish in deeper water, and just have a superior experience. 


  • It has a high-performance thanks to the line pickup system it features. 
  • This reel is incredibly durable and smooth. 
  • Its high speed is thanks to its 4.0:1 gear ratio. 
  • You can make a longer cast for a better fishing experience. 


  • Many users have failures within a few months of use. However, it is essential to note that this may be due to misuse and treatment. 

Best Spincast Reel for Catfish FAQ 

What is the Purpose of a Spincast Reel? 

The only time most fishermen enjoy this reel is when they are training. Spincast reels are used by the majority of beginners. These aren’t particularly heavyweight. 

Keep in mind that the capacity isn’t very high. The operating concept is almost identical to that of spinning reels, although there are a few differences. The casting range isn’t very long, and you’ll need to practice a lot to get it right. 

The ease of usage is one of the main reasons why people use spincast reels. Spincast reels are simple to assemble and cast. To begin fishing with a spincast reel, you will need to follow a few simple steps. 

Is it Possible to Use Braided and Fluorocarbon Lines with a Spincast Reel? 

It is not the greatest option in the event of braided lines. Some spincast reels, however, can bear the weight of a braided line.  

The load capacity is listed on the fishing reel’s specs. Some of the reels also include braided lines, demonstrating that these may be used with a spincast reel. A braided line could be used, but it must be within the spincast reel’s allowed range. 

Fluorocarbon, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind fishing line with qualities similar to braided lines. However, the fundamental advantage of fluorocarbon fishing lines is that they lack the bulk of braided lines.

It isn’t stiff and is simple to work with. When evaluating a fluorocarbon line’s general characteristics, it’s easy to conclude that it can be used on spincast reels. Keep in mind, though, that these lines are thicker than monofilament ones, and you may run into complications such as spool shortages. 

What’s the Best Way to Setup a Spincast Reel? 

Getting to your local lake and wrapping fishing lines over the reel is the basic rule. The spool covering is the most typical component of a spincast reel. You must first dismantle the spool cover. After that, 2 overhead knots must be tied. 

Feed the line through the line aperture while the spool covering is off, and set the cover away. Using the fishing line, tie a knot (you could do any type of knot, but the overhead knot is the finest option in these cases).

This is to keep the line from slipping off the spool. Ensure the knot doesn’t fall out on its own. Keep in mind that if you’re utilizing braided lines, you’ll want to make sure they’re sturdy. 

Tie an overhead knot around the line input and wind the rest of the line around the spool. If necessary, tie a double knot. 

You must now keep an eye on the line to ensure it does not fall out of the knot. To do so, hold the line in one hand and draw it out of the reel cover’s line aperture with the other. Now you have to cover the spool and pull it a little tighter.  

The next step is to use the reel grip to wind the line around the spool. You could release the line after a few rotations to see if it is firmly put up or not. You’re good to go if you followed the instructions correctly.