Best Baitcasting Reel 2021/2024 – Buyer’s Guide 

Best Baitcast Reels

Fishers use sophisticated fishing methods that necessitate the usage of the best baitcasting reels. The baitcasting reels provide both power and increased control while throwing your lure, which is especially important if you’re after larger and heavier fish. It could also manage longer distances with heavier lines. 

Although all baitcasting reels perform the same function, not all offer the same level of quality and simplicity. 

This guide will show you how to pick the ideal baitcaster for you, one that will allow you to use your preferred techniques as effectively as possible while also fitting within your budget.

1. Our Top Pick: Abu Garcia Revo SX  
2. Best OverallLew’s Hyper Mag SLP 
3. Best Value: SHIMANO Curado DC 

Each design is produced by a reputable company and would be suitable for bass fishing as well as most other types of freshwater fishing.  

The choice of these products is based on years of experience and in-depth research that allows us to make a totally objective, high-quality comparison so that you can choose the baitcasting reel that best suits you. 

Before seeing the best baitcasting reels, it is important that you know how to choose the correct one. 

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How to Choose to Baitcasting Reel? 

It is essential to consider certain aspects when choosing a good baitcasting reel. 

Gear Ratio 

This aspect indicates how many times the spool rotates in a handle revolution. The greater the ratio, the more line is recovered every handle turn. Top baitcasting reels have gear ratios of 5.3:1, 6.4:1, and 7.1:1. 

The 6.4:1 ratio is a good all-around pick since you could use any bait and fishing style, including topwater, jigs, shallow cranking, and worms, and still get great results. The other gear ratios are much more specific, so you’ll have to decide if you want to use them. 

Low gear ratios, such as 5.2:1 and 5.3:1, are ideal for fishing hard-pulling baits such as large swimbaits, crankbaits, and sluggish, heavy spinnerbaits. The low gear ratio allows you to reel in the bait more slowly, allowing it to stay in the impact zone for longer.

High gear ratios are ideal for tactics that require you to pick up the slack. When it comes to topwater frogs and toads, a 7.1:1 baitcasting reel is the finest option. 

Handle Size 

Handles on low-profile bass fishing reels come in a variety of sizes. Shorter ones are found on some of the smallest reels. This may be sufficient for most uses, such as jig or worm fishing, but it is insufficient for handling large swimbaits or crankbaits.

When pounding grass mats, a bigger and lengthier handle produces greater thrust to pull fish from heavy cover. 

Spool Size 

A larger and deeper spool could be advantageous when you are catching a fish. The bigger spool produces smaller, simpler line coils. The short line uses such as flipping and pitching benefit from smaller shallow spools. 

Tension and Brake System 

At the start of your cast, the pressure knob regulates the line, and at the end of it, the braking system controls the line. When you do it into the wind, the brakes come in handy since the spool spins faster than the bait, which is slowed down by the breeze.

To be capable of making long throws with a range of lure weights while experiencing low backlashes, you’ll need a solid tension and brake system. 

Drag System 

On casting reels, the drag system is sometimes disregarded, yet it is important to discuss that. You’ll require a reel with a high maximum drag if you plan on flipping and smashing large jigs into tangled grass.

When working cast with strong lines, the spool should not slide. When working with lighter lines, on the other hand, the capability to get a drag that easily peels off the line is critical. 


The Curado DC is the most recent version of Shimano’s greatest popular baitcasting reel. The micromodule brass gears, cross carbon drag, Hagane alloy body, and X-Ship pinion gear support are all included in this reel, but the I-DC4 digital brake system is the standout feature. 

The I-DC4 digital brake system contains a small microprocessor that keeps track of your spool speed and tension. Each time you throw, the chip monitors your spool velocity 1,000 times per second and automatically adjusts the brake pressure.

It improves the efficiency of fishers of all experience levels. You no longer have to modify the reel configuration every time you change methods or lure weight. With less work, you may achieve long, clean throws. 


  • This is the most advanced Curado model available. 
  • It is very easy to use. 
  • It has a spectacular performance. 
  • The reel speed is monitored 1000 times per second by a microcomputer. 


  • It weighs a few ounces more than other reels. 

SHIMANO Curado K Baitcast Reel 

The SHIMANO Curado K Baitcast Reel is an incredible version of this brand, delivering amazing results. The Curado K has a higher degree of performance and a wider range of gear ratios, from 5:0:1 to 8:5:1. So, whatever sort of bass fishing you choose, the Curado K has a gear ratio to suit you. 

This SHIMANO baitcasting reel has a high-density, lightweight aluminum body that will survive the passage of time, and a cross-carbon drag system allows you to adjust the power on any fish. 

On all lures, the SVS Infinity braking system provides more control. The Curado K Baitcast Reel is ideal for catching any type of bass and other fish and delivers excellent performance, fantastic appearance, and adaptability, making it a terrific option for any sort of fishing. 

It makes use of a computer microprocessor to monitor and operate the magnetic brakes conveniently. Despite its small weight (7.6 ounces), it is nonetheless easy to maneuver in windy circumstances. 


  • It is super smooth and efficient. 
  • It is made of high-quality materials.  
  • X-Ship technology is used to improve durability and long-term performance. 
  • It will show great performance on almost any rod. 


  • The handle may be small for the hand of certain anglers. 

Lew’s Hyper Mag SLP 

This is a premium reel that incorporates all of Lew’s technology. It’s unquestionably a high-end baitcaster reel, yet it’s still affordable for experienced anglers. Tournament anglers will appreciate the sensitivity and responsiveness that a magnesium body provides. 

The Hyper Mag is designed to be lightweight, fast, and durable. C45 carbon side plates and a one-piece magnesium structure support the reel.

The design is carried through to the grip and knobs, which are made of cork EVA composite and carbon fiber. The spool is made of aluminum to keep roundness tolerances high. 

The reel’s efficiency is refined compared to other reels. The casting on Lew’s reels is generally excellent; therefore, do not expect somewhat less than the Hyper Mag.

Double protected ball bearings, an externally variable centrifugal brake system, and an audible pressure clicker all contribute to this fantastic casting. 


  • It has an inbuilt braking system that can be fine-tuned. 
  • Ball bearings are made of stainless steel and are doubly shielded. 
  • Its innovative speed dial line indicator makes identifying line type and pound test a breeze. 


  • It is expensive. 

Abu Garcia Revo SX 

Abu Garcia’s Revo SX is one of the best all-around reels on the market. There’s a reason they’re Abu Garcia’s most famous baitcasting reel. It’s really light, simple to hold in your palm, and comes in two-speed settings. 

The 6.6:1 SX will excel at a wide range of fishing techniques, and we suggest it if you’re looking for a versatile baitcasting reel that can do it all.

The 7.3:1 version, however, is superior for burning in topwater baits, as well as pitching and flipping soft plastic creature lures and jigs. With the 7.3 speed, you’ll be able to make more throws. 

Thanks to the Infini magnetic braking system on the side plate and 9+1 ball bearings, the Revo SX is super smooth on the cast. This is a good choice if you want a fresh reel with a lot of versatility, reliability, and performance but don’t want to spend a lot of money. 


  • It is very strong and lasting because it is made of stainless steel. 
  • It is resistant to corrosion. 
  • It maintains its strength and durability despite the weight reduction provided by the carbon side plates C6. 
  • There are styles for both the right and left hand. 


  • It could be difficult to adjust for fishermen without experience with reels of this type. 

Piscifun Alloy M Baitcasting Reel 

The Alloy M is a well-made baitcaster that is comfortable to hold. The reel’s body is made of ADC12 aluminum alloy, which provides excellent sturdiness, impact strength, and resistance to corrosion. It comes with a fantastic magnetic braking system. It prevents bird nests and backlash thanks to the 12 magnets included in the system. 

The Alloy M’s drag system is extremely durable. This reel performs incredible thanks to a Hamai CNC brass gear and four carbon washers. 

During the cast and retrieval, the Alloy M is quite smooth. In many other reels, it appears that they excel at one or the other, but the Alloy M baitcaster excels at both. 

The Alloy M retrieves effortlessly, even when loaded, thanks to its eight double-shielded ball bearings and one roller bearing. The huge grip and knobs are responsible for a large part of the retrieve’s smooth feel. 


  • It is durable thanks to the ADC12 degree in the aluminum frame it offers. 
  • It features precise magnetic braking. 
  • This reel is capable of removing trophy fish from dense cover with ease. 
  • Its performance is excellent, and its retrieve is ultra-smooth. 


  • Maybe it is not the best option for large fish or long battles. 

Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcasting Reel 

The Daiwa Fuego CT is a palm-sized baitcasting fishing reel that, despite its little size, is capable of handling any fishing situation. Composite side plates and the lightweight aluminum frame are ideal for a smaller diameter baitcasting pole and will withstand repeated use. 

The Magforce-Z cast control mechanism on this circular reel allows long, clean, and consistent casts. This baitcasting reel also includes a 5+1 ball bearing system for rapid line retrieval, as well as a gear ratio range of 6.3:1 to 8:1:1.  

Both inshore saltwater and freshwater fishing are possible with this baitcasting reel. The Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcasting Reel also comes with a curved, swept reel grip for added comfort while casting. 


  • It is inexpensive. 
  • It is very durable. 
  • This reel can be used for freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing. 
  • It feels solid in hand. 
  • Its design is attractive. 


  • It can be very noisy compared to other reels. 

Shimano Chronarch MGL 150 

The Chronarch MGL has a carbon composite frame that is nearly identical to the Ci4+ and weighs only 0.4 lb., but it has several new upgraded capabilities. The MGL features the X-Ship gear arrangement, which offers rock-solid gear strength and stability, as do many of Shimano’s high-end reels. 

The Micro Module gearing and MGL Spool, which give the product its name, are also innovative. The Micro Module gears make the retrieve powerful but clean and the Magnumlite spool decreases throwing effort by up to 10%. 

One of the best drag systems available is the Dartanium II drag washers. While battling a fish, you may simply modify it with a movement of your finger. One of the finest braking systems available is the SVS Infinity. There’s an outer dial as well as four internal brakes that can be modified by removing the side plate and engaging one to four of them. 

It should be noted that the Chronarch MGL baitcasting reel can be the flexible workhorse you’ve been looking for. It can handle everything from delicate lures and weightless baits to pitching and flipping.  


  • It allows retrieving without much effort. 
  • It has a smooth performance.  
  • This reel is not noisy. 


  • A little expensive. 

Best Baitcast Reels FAQ 

Which Baitcasting Reel is the Best on the Market? 

Actually, the best baitcasting reel that you can choose will depend on your tastes and needs. There are many reels of different brands, and even though everyone fulfills practically the same function, each presents specific features that can be beneficial for certain fishermen while for others not so much. 

Basically, when buying a baitcasting reel, we must set us in which it adapts to our needs and obviously to our budget. 

Are Baitcasting Reels Suitable for Novices? 

It is debatable. Anglers typically begin with spinning or spincasting reels in order to gain expertise, understand different fishing methods, and become familiar with the gear.

You’ll eventually upgrade to baitcasting reels. When it comes to baitcasting reels, even if you have a lot of experience, you will still be a newbie. 

If you know quite a lot about fishing, though, you only need to do one thing: practice with this type of reel. However, if you have no prior fishing expertise, learning all elements of fishing while using a baitcasting reel can be difficult. You’ll be irritated, and the experience will be ruined. 

What are the Baitcasting Reels Used by the Professional Anglers? 

Professional fishermen, who put their equipment through rigorous testing, demand the greatest reels available. They want to be certain that their reels will not fail during tournament play. Most people employ a wide range of retrieval speeds; however, their preferences differ. 

For decades, Shimano, Abu-Garcia, Daiwa, and Quantum were the most popular brands among participants of fishing tournaments, but Lew’s has risen to the top of the market in the last years. However, today there are other brands that have gained importance among many professional fishermen. 

With Baitcasting Reels, What Lures Should I Use? 

It depends on the fish species you’re attempting to capture, the reel gear ratio, the fishing rod, the size of your reel, and other variables. Larger worms, larger jigs, swimbaits, crankbaits, and a variety of topwater lures are all viable options.

The issue is that as a novice, you may struggle with casting if you’re using very light baits. These reels are designed to handle bigger lures and fishing lines