Bass Spinning Rod Setup for Lighter Lures

Bass Spinning Rod Setup

​Spinning for bass allows you to throw much lighter lures than you could normally on a standard casting rod.

​A good spinning combo for bass will generally require the following list of tackle:

  • ​Rod – 6’6″ to 7′ in length, medium/light power rating with a fast action
  • Reel – Size 2000 – 3000 spinning reel
  • Line – 10 lb mono or 15 lb braid

​Most fishermen start out using a spinning setup and then progress on to a baitcaster. That is not to say that you must make the switch as many expert old-timers still stick to the spinning rod and reel all their life.

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​Bass Spinning Rod Setup

​You don’t need multiple bass spinning rod setups unless you want one rod as an all-rounder and then a lighter rod for finesse bass fishing on super light lures.

Although the best baitcaster combo will definitely cast a further distance than a bass spinning rod you can still get a decent distance out of a bass spinning setup.


​As mentioned above if you are only going to use one spinning rod then you should stick to a good all-around workhorse that can handle a variety of different lures and bass rigs.

Lengthwise I would opt for either a 6’6″ or a 7′ rod.

Most of the bass fishing techniques you will be using on spinning tackle will be at a short or medium distance.

A shorter rod while it won’t give you amazing casting performance it will give you really good hook-sets and also allow you to maneuver bass away from heavy cover or structures.

A light/medium power rating is more than enough backbone to handle a 10 lb bass. Any heavier and you’ll lose sensitivity.

However, if you are fishing around deep cover or heavy structures then a medium/heavy spinning rod can be a good option as it allows you to really set your hook hard and really steer bass away from snags.

Any lighter and you will be venturing into ultralight rod territory.

​You’ll want a fast rod action. Rod action describes were about in the rod that the bend starts to form when the rod is put under pressure or strain.

A rod with a fast action starts to bend higher up the rod blank towards the tip.

This gives you a lot more sensitivity through the rod so you can sense when the bass is striking on lighter gear.

It also allows you to strike a little bit quicker which is great for short game work when bass can be a little more spooked.


When choosing a spinning reel for bass you should look at the best brands and always choose a high-quality reel.

Rods break all the time for being thrown around in a boat or in a truck. But a quality reel can last at least ten years if properly maintained.

Look for either a size 2000 or 3000 reels as this will be a good match for the rod above. It should be able to hold 10 lb of mono with ease.


Mono, flour, or braid?

I’m a fan of mono on spinning reels as it has been used for the last fifty years as the line of choice.

Braid is a good option if you need heavy weed beds as it is roughly half the diameter of mono for the same breaking strain and it can slice through weeds much easier. Fluorocarbon I have always preferred to use as a leader rather than a mainline.

Saying all of this most fishermen tend to stick to their favorite line no matter what the situation so there rarely is no best…