Fishing Reel Repair Service & Re-Conditioning

​Catfish Sutton are pleased to announce it’s plan to launch a one stop fishing reel repair service.

With a combined 20 years of experience of fishing reel repair and maintenance we can offer of very high quality reel repair service.

So if you reel if beginning to make some strange internal noises or the drag setting is beginning to slip then we are the perfect choice to repair your reel.

So whether it’s just a quick routine service for your reel or a full ground up rebuild and repair we have you covered.

We cover all major brands and vintage reels too.

​Fishing Reel Repair Service

​We can service just about any modern or classic reel. Older reels of course may prove more difficult to find original replacement parts. If none are available we will try to source either suitable generic parts or choose from our large selection of in house second hand parts.

Even if your reels feels like new you should have it serviced every few years. A routine clean and re-greasing can go a long way to ensuring many years of service.

Our engineers follow a step be step process so that every component is carefully inspected and assessed.

Baitcaster Repair

​Modern baitcasters have evolved to become quite complex pieces of engineering. The quality of the metals used and the tolerances and precision of the CNC machining processed have seen both casting distances and the smoothness and reliability of the drags improve dramatically.

Baitcasters do tend to get a lot of abuse in comparison to spinning reels. Baitcaster combos are bought with the intention of casting a lot.

All of that casting especially with larger lures for the like of ​catfish reels in freshwater or saltwater fishing in general puts a tremendous load on the internal workings of the reel.

Particular care and attention must be shown to the  braking system(along with the spool tension) when the repairing the reel.

​Are general approach is to take the reel apart fully. Once apart all the internal components are cleaned and any defects are noted.

Anything that is showing strong signs of wear and tear will be replaced with the manufacturers original replacement parts.

Once cleaned they are then re-greased and reassembled. Once reassembled all reels are then thoroughly hand tested.

This testing includes both casting and drag performance performance under load.

Only once we are happy that the reel is working as good as new will we the consider it repaired.

All our reel repairs come with a full breakdown of the work carried out.

​Spinning Reel Repair

​Spinning reels are much simpler to repair than modern high performance baitcasting reels except in the case of high end saltwater spinning reels.

Big name brands that produce saltwater spinning reels put a major emphasis on how well the internals can be shielded from the corrosive affects of saltwater.

Servicing these reels is fairly similar to servicing a cheaper freshwater spinning reel. However, we place major emphasis when the reels are being disassembled to look out for tell tale signs that salt water may have breached any of the seals of either the reel housing or of the bearings.

​Trolling/Conventional Reel Repair

​Conventional/Trolling and all big game fishing reels really do take beating especially on charter boats. Given the corrosive nature of salt water you expect there to be some wear and tear on internal gears and bearings if your reels happen to have a faulty seal.

Although servicing reels like these is not much different than servicing a smaller reel we take the upmost care to ensure that the reels are water tight and sealed as well as possible following their repair or servicing.