Best Catfish Rig for Bank Fishing  2021/2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Catfish Rig for Bank Fishing

Catfish are interesting and beautiful creatures. Placing good bait in the right spot, utilizing the best catfish rigs that could deliver, and keeping your lure in an area where active catfish can discover it is all it takes to fish them. The rig with the fewest components has fewer parts to fail and knots to snap, as well as less weight to impede good performance. 

When rigs are lost to snags or worn-out leaders have to be replaced, simple catfish rigs are easy to create on the water. Sparsely knotted rigs also cast further and tangle less frequently than more elaborate setups built for the same purpose. 

1. Our Top Pick: Three-Way Rig  
2. Best OverallTHKFISH Slip Bobber Rig 
3. Best Value: THKFISH Drop Shot Rig 

Catfish rigs are important since they come in a number of styles depending on the sort of fishing you’ll be performing. Think about the catfish you’ll be catching and where you’ll be catching them. You must be familiar with a range of settings in order to improve your chances of catching catfish. 

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Tips for Bank Fishing with Catfish Rigs 

  • Examine each location carefully; one of them may become your go-to fishing site. 
  • Make a lot of throws to increase your chances of catching a fish. 
  • Don’t stay in one spot for too long. 
  • Bluegill is one of the greatest baits for attracting these types of fish. 
  • Avoid wearing bright colors since they often drive fish away. 
  • Bring only the essentials with you. 

If you’re having trouble selecting which catfish rigs are best for you, consider the following options. However, before you learn about the best catfish rigs, you need first discover what you need to know about them: 

The Best Catfish Rig for Bank Fishing

Obviously, you should choose catfish rigs that are familiar to you. That is, those that you can easily repair or replace on the fly, as well as those with which you’ve had previous success. Catfish bait, on the other hand, is always required for catfish capture. Fortunately, a wide variety of great catfish fishing bait is available. 

The bait you use should be tailored to the catfish setups you’re fishing with. Live bait is preferable to punch bait when employing a brush hook with a release mechanism. Cut bait, on the other hand, would be acceptable.

As you can see, there are several catfish rigs to choose from; many of them are better versions of previous rigs. Choose your catfish rigs based on your level of experience and comfort. 

It takes a lot of research and experimenting to get the perfect mix of catfish rigs. The same goes for bait when it comes to catching catfish. You may always seek support from your favorite pro angler. 


Catfish have strong hearing and will hunt according to what they hear. You may get a choice of rattles to attach to a good-performing line. They may be used to make a slip sink, a slip rig, or even a three-way catfish rig.

Many fishers have found that adding these additions to their line has helped them catch more fish. They’re small and inexpensive, yet they provide great results on the water. 


Some catfish setups are quite complex and have several components. The kit includes a sinker, a swivel, a leader, beads, poly balls, stop knots, floats, and other accessories. As more components are added to the catfish rig, it gets more complicated. That is true regardless of whether you’re using a slip rig, a drift rig, or any other form of catfish setup. 

Catfish rigs with more intricate designs will be more difficult to repair or replace. They may also make fishing more challenging by tying your line instead of making it easier to cast. 

A simple, clean catfish rig is always the best option when trying to catch catfish. The basic components, as well as adequate bait, are all that is required to complete the process. If you employ too many elements in your catfish rigs, you risk getting hooked. 

South Bend Slip Sinker Rig 

The slip sinker rig is an excellent choice for capturing any catfish. It’s quite similar to a Carolina setup, which is used to catch bass. This simple setup includes a no-roll or any sort of fish sliding sinker, a barrel swivel feeding into your monofilament leader line, and a sinker on your line. This rig is simple, attractive, and really effective in terms of rigging. 

The term “Carolina rig” is rarely used in catfish fishing. A true Carolina rig will utilize different gear than a fake Carolina rig because it was designed specifically for bass fishing. When you mention Carolina rig when talking about a slip sinker rig, it’s conceivable that most fishers will understand what you’re talking about.

However, you’re likely to mix up someone who only fishes for bass with someone who only fishes for catfish. Use the phrase “slip sinker rig” instead of “Carolina rig” to keep things simple. 

With a slip sinker rig, you could catch flathead catfish, channel catfish, blue catfish, and any other species. It’s the most versatile rig, and as you probably already know, it’s also the easiest and quickest to put together on the water. If you truly want to catch catfish, this is the one to use. 


  • The outside EVA foam shell and the inside slip sinker weight are balanced, enabling you to throw farther and with better precision and control. 
  • Good bounce to prevent snagging on river weeds and rock crevices. 
  • You may spend a long time in the striking zone with a controlled float. 
  •  It has a function that allows it to quickly rise from the water to avoid weeds and other impediments.  


  • It might not work for other sorts of fishing. 

Gamakatsu Circle Hook Rig 

When fish accept the hook (with bait) into their mouth and move further away, the hook slides to the edge of the mouth and becomes securely hooked. Anglers using circular hooks do not need to strike; they only need to reel in and let the hooks do their work. 

This rig is identical to a typical two-hook flapping rig, except it employs size 2/0 circular hooks instead of J-shaped hooks. This is a great size for general sea fishing since it’s small enough to catch fish under a pound but big enough to handle any larger species that might show up. Catfish setups with larger circular hooks, on the other hand, are ideal. This product is a 6/0 size in this case. 


  • It is more secure to use. 
  • When it comes to catching fish, the striking moment isn’t as critical. 
  • Lighter leaders/traces can be used because the line is generally away from rough mouth surfaces. 
  • Many species have higher hook-up and landing rates than other rigs. 


  • They have no impact on fast-moving surface fish. 
  • They don’t work well with quick baits or artificial lures. 
  • Setting up larger bait is more challenging. 

Breakaway Circle Pulley Rig 

The pulley rig is a simple setup with a swivel on the mainline. On the same line as the hook is the weight. The hook can then be protected by an impact shield, which should be placed immediately above the weight to prevent the hook from becoming entangled with the weight. On rocky seabeds, this rig performs well. It is, nevertheless, ideal for bank fishing. 

When the catfish hooks on to the rig and you begin reeling, it functions as a basic pulley system. The rig is under downward pressure caused by the weight of the fish, which forces the weight to rise upwards, avoiding snagging. For catching huge fish, the pulley rig is effective and simple to apply. 


  • It uses the Breakaway Impact Shield. 
  • The rig allows the fish to move freely before the hook is placed. 


  • It may not work for larger catfish. 

THKFISH Slip Bobber Rig 

The slip bobber arrangement is ideal for catching channel catfish. It’s an absolute must-have in your armory if you’re serious about capturing them in huge numbers. These ultra-sensitive slip-stick floats may be moved up and down the line to get the desired depth when casting. 

These work well with any prepared lure, even punch bait, and they don’t get in the way of your throwing. If you’re fishing with a slip bobber, it should work well for you as long as it’s light and has a streamlined shape. 

You’ll notice that slip bobber setups are far more sensitive than standard bobbers and floats once you start using them. As a result, they’re quite effective for catfishing, and you’ll come to rely on them, especially if you’re targeting channel catfish. 


  • They are easy to set up and use. 
  • These rigs are light and delicate. 
  • They’re crafted from high-quality materials. 
  • They’re effective as visibility bobbers.  


  • Attempting to attach a bobber to your line may result in damage. 
  • Bobbers are great for estimating depth in shallow seas, but because the length of your line and pole is limited in deeper waters, they don’t work as effectively. 
  • Attaching your bobber to your line limits the amount of line you can throw out and typically restricts the distance you can cast. 

Three-Way Rig 

The three-way rig consists of a bell sinker on a drop line with enough weights to keep it near the bottom. A longer leader line will also be added to the rig. The idea behind the three-way rig is that the weight will keep it in place while the bait and leader float, attracting catfish, including flathead, channel, and blue catfish. 

Catfishing lures with three-way rigs are among the most popular. Some anglers will not use anything except a three-way setup. In old-school gear, a three-way rig is employed, which needs a lot of extra knots that not many anglers are comfortable with.

Although there have probably been some hardware developments over the years that have rendered this redundant, this is the typical technique to set up a three-way rig. 

Pre-tied three-way rigs can now be found at every bait shop for a very low price. While it is a fantastic rig, it is probably not as successful as a slip sinker rig because of the availability of pre-tied variants. 

Many anglers swear by the three-way rig, which they regard to be one of the best catfish rigs for rocky fishing and also bank fishing in more tough conditions. 


  • It features a big pound test and is made of high-strength stainless steel. 
  • It may decrease twists and tangles in the line even when the water currents are strong. 
  • It’s extremely durable and can endure both fresh and saltwater. 
  • You may use it for fishing two baits on a single line or for dropping a sinker and letting your bait float free. 


  • It is not a good option for saltwater. 

THKFISH Drop Shot Rig 

It’s a classic rig for catching bass and other fish. Despite the fact that the drop shot rig is a popular method of fishing for a variety of animals, it is rarely discussed in the catfishing community. 

The drop-shot rig isn’t one of those “all-around catfish rigs” like others, but it does have some unique uses that make it a highly successful method to set up when catching catfish. 

It’s a fantastic catfish rig to learn and have in your arsenal for when the right chance arises. It might be an excellent alternative for catfish if you’re fishing a vertical presentation or targeting catfish in and around thick cover. 


  • It is simple to use. 
  • It is constructed using high-quality materials. 
  • You have a variety of sizes to pick from. 
  • It’s a rig that can do a lot of different things. 


  • Better for catching bass than catfish. 

Boone Single Hook Live Bait Rig 

There are many effective ways to catch catfish, but one of the best is by using live baits instead of artificial lures. In this case, a good option to catch catfish (especially flathead and blue catfish) is using the gizzard shad as it is considered one of the best live baits. 

It is important that you know how to rig live bait with this product: 

  • You have to penetrate and deeply hook the back of the live bait to hold it well with the hook. If you don’t do it correctly, the hook could break, and you will lose your bait. 
  • Another effective way is by hooking it through the nose of the bait. That will allow you to quickly introduce it into the water due to the added weight. 
  • Lastly, the anal area is a good place to hook the bait. This is because the bait movement is natural and fast, which could be more efficient in attracting catfish. 


  • You can catch catfish even over 30 lbs. without any inconvenience. 
  • It comes with a treble hook. 


  • You may need a different size rig depending on the catfish you are fishing for. 

Best Catfish Rig for Bank Fishing FAQ 

What is the most effective catfish rig? 

The slip sinker rig, often known as the Carolina rig, is one of the greatest and most popular catfish rigs (in this case, we picked one from the South Bend brand). When handling it, it gives you more accuracy and control. Furthermore, it is both elegant and effective, which is a significant plus when it comes to capturing catfish. 

What size hooks should I use for catfish? 

The hook size should match the size of the bait you’re using or the catfish you’re seeking to catch. A number 2 hook is a good size and the largest you should use for particularly large catfish. A number 6 hook is a reliable and frequent size. Try the number 8 if you’re catching smaller catfish. 

What are the components of a catfish rig? 

A catfish rig is a set of tackle attached to a fishing line and used to bait catfish. This combination might contain a hook, rattle, bead, sinker, float, swivel lure, snap, and leader. 

Can the rigs selected above be used in different ways of fishing? 

Of course! Although these rigs that we have chosen work perfectly for bank fishing, it is also true that they can have interesting uses not only for other types of fishing but also to catch other types of fish apart from catfish.