Do Catfish Like Garlic? 

Do Catfish Like Garlic

Catfish are known for feeding on a variety of gruesome and stinky baits. However, in recent times, an increasing number …

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Do Catfish Eat Other Fish? 

Do Catfish Eat Other Fish

Yes! Other fish can be eaten by catfish. Baitfish, shad, and other small fish fall into this category. In fact, …

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Do Catfish Have Periods? 

Do Catfish Have Periods

Catfish do not have periods. Like all other fish species, catfish lay eggs once a year during the spawning season. …

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What Do Catfish Like to Eat? 

What Do Catfish Like to Eat

Catfish are distinguished by long barbels that protrude from the sides of their faces, resembling cat whiskers. The channel catfish, blue catfish, …

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