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Pro Tactics: Catfish
Pro Tactics: Catfish
Pro Tactics: Catfish
Item#: PTC-1-59921-301-X

Product Description
The biggest and best catfishing book yet from renowned angling expert Keith "Catfish" Sutton. 168 pages of detailed information that will teach you how to find and catch channel, blue and flathead catfish, and overlooked species such as white cats and bullheads as well. Sutton distills years of catfishing know-how—his own and that of other experts—into a fun, friendly and visually enjoyable volume that offers plenty of ideas on how you can improve your current tactics to catch some seriously big cats. This beautiful full-color book is printed on high-quality, glossy paper in a large 8.5” x 11” size. Includes 100 photos and illustrations. Content: The Truth About Catfish • The Catfishes • Where Monster Cats Live • What Makes Catfish Bite? • Tackle Tips •The Right Rigs • Boats • Bait Guide • Seasonal Patterns • Tactics of the Masters • The Three Dozen Best Catfishing Tips • Preparing Catfish • Conservation

2008, The Lyons Press. 168 pages. Soft cover. Signed by author.