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Hardcore Catfishing
Hardcore Catfishing
Hardcore Catfishing
Item#: HC-978-1-62914-601-0

Product Description
Thousands of catfish anglers across the country own a copy of Keith “Catfish” Sutton’s second catfishing book, Catfishing: Beyond the Basics. Many more have asked about purchasing it, but the title went out of print several years ago when Stoeger Publishing closed its doors. Now the book is back, better than ever. Hardcore Catfishing is a revised edition of the first book, packed with new and updated information to make it one of the best books about catching catfish ever published.

With 180 pages of solid information for advanced catfishing enthusiasts, Hardcore Catfishing lets you look over the shoulders of some of the world’s best cat catchers to see how they put trophy blues, flatheads and channel cats in the boat.

Big cat expert James Patterson of Mississippi River Guide Service ▪ Master angler Joe Drose who pioneered many techniques on South Carolina’s Santee-Cooper Lakes ▪ Phil “The Little Cat Man” King, winner of the World Championship of Catfishing and Cabela’s King Kat Classic ▪ Missouri’s Virgil Agee, the only man alive who has caught four 100-lb. plus catfish ▪ Illinois catfishing guide Denny Halgren who has developed some of the most innovative cat tactics used today ▪ State and world record holder Roger Aziz Jr., who knows more about catching big bullheads and white cats than anyone on the planet ▪ and more!

Hardcore Catfishing covers a wide variety of important topics, including Zeroing in on Channel Cats, How to Get the Blues, Chasing Flatheads, Bullhead Fishing, Seasonal Savvy, Baits, Advanced and Alternative Fishing Tactics and Catfish Conservation. This new edition also includes an entirely new section full of Sutton’s favorite family catfish recipes.

Loaded with color photographs and illustrations, Hardcore Catfishing is your step-by-step guide to the lore, techniques and secrets of catching catfish.

2015, Skyhorse Publishing. 160 pages. Soft cover. 8 x 10.5 inches. Signed by the author.